This is how far Lincoln goes to make sure you’re sitting VIP

This is how far Lincoln goes to make you the VIP

Life moves fast. But in the midst of the hustle, an effortless exchange awaits. Lincoln understands that time is valuable. That’s why they implemented a new pickup and delivery ownership experience. Lincoln meets you at the corner of your convenience. They pick up your vehicle for service, provide you with a loaner vehicle, and deliver your car back to you. Why? Because luxury is in Lincoln’s DNA. And it always has been.

Lincoln’s Memory Lane

The Lincoln Motor Company was founded in 1917 by former General Motors manager Henry M. Leland and his son, Wilfred. Lincoln earned its first source of income by assembling aircraft engines for World War II contracts. It eventually restructured its factories and began manufacturing luxury cars. But Leland and his crew quickly came to face several design dysfunctions and financial misfortune that they were forced to file for bankruptcy in 1922.

Never Fear, Ford is here

You know the story. Ford stepped in at the eleventh hour, purchasing Lincoln for $8 million later that year. It wasn’t long after the salvage that Lincoln’s first series of automobiles would see mass production. Perhaps the most impressive factor in Ford’s purchasing of Lincoln not its ability to revive the financial deficit and design dilemma, but that it maintained production of Leland’s original engine. With Ford’s adjustment of the sails and production cuts and cost, Lincoln would end up producing 5,500 vehicles by December of 1922.

The following year, Lincoln flourished—partnering with coachbuilders such as Bruun and Fleetwood, new body styles were introduced including limousines and large sedans. The late 1920’s were good to Lincoln, but the 1930’s were undoubtedly premier.

In 1932, Eugene T. “Bob”, a former high school drop-out, worked closely with Edsel Ford and introduced the most infamous Lincoln model in history. The Zephyr Coupe, a collaboration of the ’36 Zephyr and Continental, became so successful that it sold in over 5,000 units until production ceased in 1948. But it wasn’t long until it was resuscitated by the Mark II model, which would go for the same price as a Rolls Royce during that time.

By no means has it been smooth sailing since for Lincoln. Having been bought out and bought back by Ford, Lincoln remains a consistent face for luxury in the automotive world, which it why it is no surprise to us that they have implemented a whole new level of customer experience.


Lincoln Pick-Up and Delivery

In case you haven’t realized, Lincoln believes in the luxury of time. And to prove that to you, it has established a celebrity-like service for you and your vehicle.

Lincoln Pick up & Delivery requires nothing of you except your initiation. It is a four step process that will feel weightless. First, get in touch through your Lincoln Way app or by calling your local dealership. Pick a time, pick a place. Lincoln will be there.

Next, participate in a seamless exchange. A Lincoln service valet will be available anywhere within 20 miles of your preferred dealer–ready to pick up your vehicle and provide you with a Lincoln Loaner. Oh, and if you’re a Black Label owner, a 50-mile radius is provided for you.

The third step is not exactly a step, but a wonderful component of the process. Lincoln sends you updates through the Lincoln Way app, text, or email to ensure you have all the information you deserve. The updates allow you to track your valet and alert you when he/she is on their way.

Lastly, Lincoln delivers. Washed, vacuumed, polished, and perfect. They’ll bring it back where you want and when.

Life moves fast, and you deserve a car that understands the luxury of time—all aspects of it.

Still not sold? Check this out.

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The Cutting Edge: 2019 Edge Makes Serious Statement in Technology and Style

The most coveted mid-size SUV of its time keeps giving us more reasons to swoon over it. Ladies and gentleman, the talent has arrived. The 2019 Ford Edge may not seem like the biggest breakthrough in the automotive industry, but considering Ford’s recent announcement to discontinue the majority of its compact cars, the Edge has something to say.

Lights, Camera, Acceleration

Four trim levels and two engine options await. First the familiar 2.0-liter turbo four, which will be used for all trim levels except the ST. Added to the standard is 5 additional horsepower, giving the Edge a total of 250 horsepower plus 275 lb-ft of torque.

The ST on the other hand will claim 2.7-liter Ecoboost V6, 355 horsepower, and 380 lb-ft torque. Think the ST couldn’t get any cooler? Think again. Because with eight-speed and lower final drive, the ST’s acceleration has been boosted to a tested 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds—which is really fast for mid-size SUV’s by the way.

The Sound of Silence and Satisfaction of Saving

Edge owners had previously commented on the subtlety of the 2018 Edge–suggesting it was a little too quiet, raising safety concerns. Well, Ford heard their cries and implemented a new Engine Response system that allows drivers to hear the (moderate) roar of the engine and be able to feel the road better. In addition to the twin-scroll turbocharger responsiveness, the new standard of smooth and quiet begins with three new installations:

New Auto Start-Stop helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions in city driving by automatically shutting off the engine when at a complete stop.

New Active Transmission Warm-up quickly raises transmission fluid to an optimal temperature range, avoiding the greater friction and viscosity of cold fluid.

New AWD disconnect disengages rear section of the driveline to help reduce drag, but can instantly reconnect when full traction is required.

More Style More Safety

Edge ST

Edge SEL

Edge SE

Whether you’re into classic convenience or all the bells and whistles, each of the ’19 Edges are designed for you to win no matter what. Even the base SE comes with upgrades on its standard equipment. For instance, LED headlights, wi-fi hotspot capability, a FordPass app [embedded link], and Ford’s Co-Pilot360 safety package.

What do those features include? Take a Deep Breath…

– Automatic high-beam adjustment

– Perimeter cameras

– Blind spot warning

– Lane-keeping assist

– Post-collision braking & pre-collision assist

– Pedestrian detection

– Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking

– Adaptive cruise control

– Evasive steering assist

Talk about a co-pilot. The Edge is a total braniac designed to keep you and your loved ones safe no matter what. All it requires of you is to simply show up. Now available at Apple Autos.

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Donate $20 for Your Shot at a New Vehicle!

What’s with the decked out Ford Focus? We’re glad you asked.

Anyone who has donated their time or money to charity understands the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping others. At Apple Autos, it has never just been about vehicles; serving our community has always remained at the forefront of our values. And that’s why we are so excited to be partnered with the Apple Valley Rotary Scholarship Foundation!

Every year, we suit up one of our vehicles with stickers from all the sponsors, then have a drawing to see who wins it. Only 5,000 tickets are sold and can be bought for $20, which supports the charities below plus more.

The drawing will take place on Saturday, October 13th at Apple Ford Lincoln Apple Valley at 1:00pm. See you there!

Proceeds support:

1 AVHS EVHS Strive Scholarships Club

2 Dictionary Project for AV 3rd Graders

3 AVHS Scholarship

4 International Village Clinic-Vaccines

5 Toys 4 Military Kids

6 MOMS Project – Emergency Fund

7 Community Literacy Project

8 AVID Students – AVHS EVHS

9 Boy Scouts

10 Fire Dept

11 Warm Hands Warm Hearts

12 Chicken Coop Intl – Eagan Rotary

13 Chimbote Peru Womens Vocational

14 Rotary Exchange Student –

15 Teacher of the Year-Scholarship R

16 Interact Meeting Expense

17 Great Shapes Jamaica

19 Kids N Kinship Group Activity

20 Innsports Foundation


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Bold New Blazer Blends Sport and Sophistication

First impressions matter, even the second time

It’s been almost 14 years since a Chevrolet Blazer graced a dealership show floor. What was once raised to satisfy the hunger of SUV-starved Americans has recently suggested that it’s still giving the Ford Bronco a run for its money. The drought is over, Chevronites. Get ready for a reintroduction of the vehicle that set the standard for SUV’s back in 1969. The 2019 Chevy Blazer is weeks away from making its professional comeback.

What did I miss?

If you were born before the 70’s, prepare to get nostalgic. Our story begins in 1969 when Chevrolet released the first K5 Blazer. The truck-size convertible quickly became an off-roading oasis for the American family; providing a removable fiberglass roof, room for 5, push button radio, and indefinite four-wheel-drive.

Less than 5 years later, the second and longest Blazer generation cruised its way to the top of SUV chain with constant developments ranging from open cabins to pop-up campers. We’re talking the O.G. RV—complete with a stove, sink, dining room table, and overhead fold-out bunk beds.

Little brother Blazer, who came out in 1983 had quite the shoes to fill after the second generations’ 19-year run. The S-10 Blazer was a smaller, more efficient, and more maneuverable vehicle for those who may not require the space to camp. From then on it was a no-topless-option, roof required.

The 1992-1994 K5 Blazer was strictly business. With a steel roof, 2 or 4-door option, the ability to tow up to 7,000 pounds, and provide six-passenger seating, the Blazer had reached its peak.

When the Chevrolet Tahoe was released in 1995, the Blazer had no choice but to take the title of smaller SUV.

But all good things must come to an end, right? Wrong. Fortunately, you are alive during a time of great improvements and greater opportunity.

What’s New?

While the 2019 Chevy Blazer isn’t kickin’ it old school with a robust, off-roader image, it features several trim levels that fall somewhere between fierce and luxury.

The Blazer Premier

The Blazer RS

Two engine options also accompany the new Blazer. 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 193 horsepower and 188 pound-feet of torque is standard, but customers will have the option to upgrade to a 3.6-liter V6. That’s 305 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque!

Nine-speed transmission is consistent across the trim levels and the choice is yours is between front or all-way drive.
But that is just the beginning. So let us break it down…

 – Bold and striking features include a muscular grille
 – Driver-centric interior
 – Model range includes sporty RS and up-level Premier models
 – Five-passenger seating with up to 64.2 cubic feet (1,818 L) of max cargo space with second-row seats folded flat
 – Suite of available active safety features
 – Standard 2.5L I-4 and available 3.6L V-6 engines, each backed by a nine-speed automatic transmission
 – Advanced twin-clutch AWD system available
 – 4,500 pounds (2,041 kg) tow capacity with the available 3.6L V-61
 – Available Hitch View feature that helps the driver align the hitch with the trailer
 – Available Chevy-first cargo management system with a rail system and cargo fence
 – Available panoramic dual-pane power sunroof

The 2019 Blazer is the not too big, not too small, but goldilocks standard of Just Right. Let’s just say you won’t want to miss it. Coming soon to Apple Autos.

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Your Second-In-Command: Welcome Apple CarPlay

It’s almost 2019 and flying cars have yet to establish themselves in our latest inventions, but the new technology emerging suggests that we may be close. Apple CarPlay is the multitasking master and perhaps the most submissive co-pilot you’ll ever get. Until of course, flying cars.

Available in select vehicles and any iPhone created after the 5, CarPlay is the safe, smart, and sophisticated way to use your iPhone in the car. It connects all the necessary apps right to your built-in display so that you can get directions, find the nearest gas station, and listen to music while staying focused on the road.

Siri, this is your captain speaking

We’ve come a long way since Morce code. CarPlay features Siri, man’s best friend. Siri has been intricately woven into CarPlay to increase safety in specific driving scenarios. But you don’t have to talk to her. You can use the buttons, knobs, touchpad, and touchscreen to communicate.

Choose your route

CarPlay supports third-party navigation apps, meaning you get to choose how you get to your destination.

All the cool kids are doing it

Every major automobile manufacturer has partnered with us in supporting CarPlay. There are over 400 models to choose from and counting!

Click here to see all the current models that work with CarPlay

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The Smooth Operator: Lincoln’s 2019 Aviator Elevates a Sixth Sense

Our human capacity harbors five senses: taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell. But according to Psychology Today, there is a sixth sense that enables you to know something immediately without a need for conscious reasoning. It allows you to detect excellence without explanation; to acknowledge supremacy without solution. It’s your sense that requires no other sense, yet activates each one individually. You can’t explain greatness in tangible terms, because it’s something you just know.

Finally, a vehicle that elevates your intuition.

Welcome Back, Old Friend

Introducing the 2019 Lincoln Aviator. Leisure and Luxury have combined to give you the smoothest and most silent ride of this generation. Become enchanted in a three-row SUV that heightens your sixth sense, making it feel as though you were in flight. Embedded in a luxurious metallic body, a weightless and airy interior awaits. Be enclosed in comfort and delighted by detail in the new Lincoln Aviator.

What’s New?

Lincoln Design Director David Woodhouse provided the vision behind the Aviator and how every feature is true to its name. “’In Aviator, the lines of the vehicle are streamlined. You have the stature and presence of the grille at the front, then the body and tail taper off – creating a distinct aerofoil analogy.’”

It’s true. Long horizontal lines rule the dashboard, evoking the allusion of a calm horizon. But that is only the beginning of the Aviator’s sophistication. Imagine a bundle of digital functions and floating infotainment display on top of the center console. And not only that, Lincoln’s signature 30-way adjustable massaging seats inhabit the front row and compassionately provide abundant leg room for the seats behind.

Buddy System

Perhaps one of its most desirable features is the built in-companion. Like other Lincoln models, the Aviator will include the Co-Pilot360 safety system, which features automatic emergency brakes, lane keeping assist and other driver aids. However, the Aviator will be the first Lincoln with a front-view camera that continuously examines the road for bumps and adjusts your car suspension accordingly. Prowling potholes will no longer come as a surprise.

No Fob? No Prob

Another Aviator attribute is the keyless entry, but not the standard keyless entry you remember. Now, if you forgot your key fob, you’ll be able to unlock and start your car with Lincoln’s Phone app. The app also provides text services that grant valets a temporary key code. And if your phone dies, a backup system is installed, which allows you use the keypad on the door to enter the vehicle.

Life moves fast. So get a car that understands the luxury of time. Coming soon at Apple Autos.

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600 Shakopee Freshman Kick off Fall by visiting Apple Autos

We are only weeks into the school year, but the Academies of Shakopee High School are already off to a running start. On Wednesday morning, 600 freshmen filtered in and out of our Apple Ford and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram stores. And while we are no Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, there were golden oil change tickets, admired coffee aroma’s, and plenty of ooh’s and ahh’s without the oompa loompas’. Our top hat and cane-less tour guides energetically guided the students through several departments, unveiling the ample career options that await them post-graduation–which ultimately is better than chocolate, right? No? Maybe.

With the huge structural advancements that have recently taken place, as well as the implementation of both the Academies of Shakopee and Freshman Academy, High School Principle Jeff Pawlicki stressed the districts belief that “It’s not about the four-year degree. [What] we want to emphasize in this model [is] that not one size fits all.” We may be a bit biased, but we think Apple Autos is a great example of a company that has multiple folds and career paths within it. No cookie-cutters here!

While the students seemed attentive to the tour guides, inevitably they were much more impressed with what we showed them rather than what we told them. A couple wide eyes, whispers, and one confident “That’s sweet!” escaped the group when we revealed our finance DocuPad. It’s true, some aspects of our company can’t be confined by 26 letters of the alphabet, you just have to see it for yourself…

It’s safe to say that these students have already got a jump start on success. We are incredibly proud to be just one of the avenues that arms them with opportunity. We want to give a big thank you to everyone who was involved in pulling off this event!

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LUNA Clips Inspire Young Women of Minneapolis

It’s been a few months since a Lunar Eclipse ornamented our world’s sky, but it’s only been a few days since LUNA Clips touched the hearts of young women in Minneapolis. Nothing is more unifying than a shared passion. This past Tuesday, our Twin Cities very own Girls On The Run organization hosted LUNAFEST at Brave New Workshops in downtown Minneapolis. Like Girls on the Run, LUNAFEST is in the business of empowerment. They seek to champion womanhood by celebrating the creative passions within them. LUNAFEST is a national traveling film festival that features 9 short films produced and directed by women about women. The LUNAFEST films range from animation to fictional drama and cover topics relating to women’s health, motherhood, body image, relationships, cultural diversity, breaking barriers and more. The films are selected by an outside board of advisors comprised of notables in the film industry.

As the short films ran, laughs echoed and tears fled throughout the room. It was a completely sold out event with a waiting list and all. Luna believe women have a powerful role to play not just in the industry, but in the world. We were honored to be able to attend and support such an inspiring event.

LUNA… Where have I heard that before?

Your memory does not deceive you. It’s true that Luna Bar is associated with LUNAFEST. In fact, Kit Crawford, CLIF & Co Chief Visionary Officer, and LUNA Bar founder, has always been an activist for “telling stories that have to be told.”

Stats you need to know

$4.1 million have been raised by LUNAFEST
145 featured filmmakers
1,646 screening hosted
100% donated to charity

Catch a glimpse of what you’re in for when you team up with the ladies of LUNA.


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Oh, that Chevenly Sound: Chevy Releases 2019 Silverado

The year was 1999, America was still coping with the impeachment of president Bill Clinton and second retirement of Michael Jordan. But not all hope was lost, for Toy Story 2 would premiere in theaters that fall and Chevrolet would release a brand new truck: the first generation Chevy Silverado.

What was once known as the C/K pickup would quickly rise to becoming one of the most envied classics in the motor industry. The first generation Silverado would come with several custom options—the classic two-doors, or an extended cab with four doors; three bed lengths, and three engines.

The second generation was released in 2007. The off-roader was built even tougher and suited up with a whole new steel frame and V8 engine. The model also introduced the choice of a 2-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive.

2014 was when the third generation Silverado made its appearance. It was the year of possibility with three options for EcoTech3 engines delivering up to 420 horsepower. Not only was third gen Chevy’s toughest yet, but it was also a total braniac. This truck provided technology features like MyLink infotainment, Bluetooth audio, Bose premium, USB ports, and OnStar navigation. It was safe to say the third generation quickly made its ancestors outdated.

But now the competition will never be the same. Because the 2019 Silverado just arrived in our lot and like a fourth-quarter Hail-Mary, this truck is a game changer.

The Robust Breed
Imagine enhanced comfort in High Country, redefined rugged capability in Trail Boss, and amplified utility in Work Truck. That is the 2019 Chevy Silverado lineup, plus a little more; all 2019 models will sport the all-new Durabed.

The Durabed does the dirty work for you with its best-in-class cargo volume that hauls more and lags less. It’s available 120v outlet and LED Rear Task Lighting makes modern convenience look inconvenient. And the 12 fixed tie downs weighed in to secure 500 lbs. each, no problem.

Pick your Prestige
The choice is yours between six overqualified engines. Whether you need 460 lbs. of torque or 8-speed automatic transmission, the new starting six offer everything but the old standard. Classic truck lovers, it’s time to put your gas guzzler to rest and make way for fuel efficiency. All the new 5.3L and 6.2L V8’s will be accentuated with dynamic fuel management, which will use an industry-first 17 cylinder-mode to optimize efficiency and power.

Smart as it is Tough
Even the toughest of competitors need more than horsepower and torque to rank best-in-class. Good thing the new Silverado’s are a 10 in every category. With the available Advanced Trailering Package and Trailering Camera Package, Silverado empowers you with the technology to monitor your trailer and drive confidently in control.

Let’s Break It Down…
The Chevy Silverado has been putting in the work this summer and has lost over 450 pounds off its body. The manufacturers told us they kept steel where steel was needed, and put aluminum where it was not. Take a virtual tour now.

So, what’s new?
– NEW: Dynamic fuel management system available in the 5.3 and standard on 6.2
– NEW: 2.7 liter 4-cylinder turbo & 3.0-liter straight 6 duramax
– NEW: 3-piece steel bed
– NEW: 3 anchors in each corner of the trailer that each hold up to 500 pounds
– NEW: 7 inch wider bed
– NEW: 110 bolt 400-watt plug
– NEW: Upgraded wheel wells
– NEW: Trailering Camera Control

There’s no better time for you to experience life at the top. And we promise the view is great. Come in to Apple Autos to see what all the hype is about.


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Paving Season is Near Completion!

Ever wondered what happens to asphalt after 25 years of rubber wheels, snow plows, and salt smothering it? Well we can tell you, better yet show you…

For a quarter of a century, our vehicles have called this lot home. But like many things in life, an upgrade was needed, and needed fast.

Known for its resilience and durability, asphalt is an extremely popular substance for paving purposes. However, as tough and flexible as it may be, it is not an immortal potion excused from deterioration. Many aspects–both natural and unnatural–can cause decay or in the worst cases, collapse in asphalt over time. These include: sunlight, water, chemical exposer, and general wear and tear.

As construction completion looms ahead, we spoke with our Facilities Manager at Apple Ford Lincoln, John Hanson who is in charge of the paving project. We asked him why we chose to pour our expenses into a project that would inevitably disrupt business flow. He commented, “Our lot is our storefront. So of course we want it to be crisp, clean, fresh, and pretty.”

Not only do cracks and potholes look tacky, but neglecting to fix them can become a car dealerships greatest blunder.

“There were areas [in the service lane] that we couldn’t drive a mustang over.” John commented. “I mean, there was an 8-inch pothole I filled this spring. We eventually had to ask ourselves if we were going to keep filling ditches or just redo the entire lot.”

Lucky for us, John has experience in the construction arena and has high expectations for our pave men. “We have to make sure we don’t forget about the finer details. The weather has been tricky and there are a lot of parties involved.” Though some diversity sprouted with entrance confusion, limited parking, and slowed-down service, John highlighted it as the part of the job he really enjoyed, saying it is “fun to test your medal every once in a while.”
And it seems that the process is paying off. Come check out our brand new lot at Apple Ford Lincoln in Apple Valley to see what a difference some asphalt makes!


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