This is how far Lincoln goes to make sure you’re sitting VIP

This is how far Lincoln goes to make you the VIP

Life moves fast. But in the midst of the hustle, an effortless exchange awaits. Lincoln understands that time is valuable. That’s why they implemented a new pickup and delivery ownership experience. Lincoln meets you at the corner of your convenience. They pick up your vehicle for service, provide you with a loaner vehicle, and deliver your car back to you. Why? Because luxury is in Lincoln’s DNA. And it always has been.

Lincoln’s Memory Lane

The Lincoln Motor Company was founded in 1917 by former General Motors manager Henry M. Leland and his son, Wilfred. Lincoln earned its first source of income by assembling aircraft engines for World War II contracts. It eventually restructured its factories and began manufacturing luxury cars. But Leland and his crew quickly came to face several design dysfunctions and financial misfortune that they were forced to file for bankruptcy in 1922.

Never Fear, Ford is here

You know the story. Ford stepped in at the eleventh hour, purchasing Lincoln for $8 million later that year. It wasn’t long after the salvage that Lincoln’s first series of automobiles would see mass production. Perhaps the most impressive factor in Ford’s purchasing of Lincoln not its ability to revive the financial deficit and design dilemma, but that it maintained production of Leland’s original engine. With Ford’s adjustment of the sails and production cuts and cost, Lincoln would end up producing 5,500 vehicles by December of 1922.

The following year, Lincoln flourished—partnering with coachbuilders such as Bruun and Fleetwood, new body styles were introduced including limousines and large sedans. The late 1920’s were good to Lincoln, but the 1930’s were undoubtedly premier.

In 1932, Eugene T. “Bob”, a former high school drop-out, worked closely with Edsel Ford and introduced the most infamous Lincoln model in history. The Zephyr Coupe, a collaboration of the ’36 Zephyr and Continental, became so successful that it sold in over 5,000 units until production ceased in 1948. But it wasn’t long until it was resuscitated by the Mark II model, which would go for the same price as a Rolls Royce during that time.

By no means has it been smooth sailing since for Lincoln. Having been bought out and bought back by Ford, Lincoln remains a consistent face for luxury in the automotive world, which it why it is no surprise to us that they have implemented a whole new level of customer experience.


Lincoln Pick-Up and Delivery

In case you haven’t realized, Lincoln believes in the luxury of time. And to prove that to you, it has established a celebrity-like service for you and your vehicle.

Lincoln Pick up & Delivery requires nothing of you except your initiation. It is a four step process that will feel weightless. First, get in touch through your Lincoln Way app or by calling your local dealership. Pick a time, pick a place. Lincoln will be there.

Next, participate in a seamless exchange. A Lincoln service valet will be available anywhere within 20 miles of your preferred dealer–ready to pick up your vehicle and provide you with a Lincoln Loaner. Oh, and if you’re a Black Label owner, a 50-mile radius is provided for you.

The third step is not exactly a step, but a wonderful component of the process. Lincoln sends you updates through the Lincoln Way app, text, or email to ensure you have all the information you deserve. The updates allow you to track your valet and alert you when he/she is on their way.

Lastly, Lincoln delivers. Washed, vacuumed, polished, and perfect. They’ll bring it back where you want and when.

Life moves fast, and you deserve a car that understands the luxury of time—all aspects of it.

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