The Smooth Operator: Lincoln’s 2019 Aviator Elevates a Sixth Sense

Our human capacity harbors five senses: taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell. But according to Psychology Today, there is a sixth sense that enables you to know something immediately without a need for conscious reasoning. It allows you to detect excellence without explanation; to acknowledge supremacy without solution. It’s your sense that requires no other sense, yet activates each one individually. You can’t explain greatness in tangible terms, because it’s something you just know.

Finally, a vehicle that elevates your intuition.

Welcome Back, Old Friend

Introducing the 2019 Lincoln Aviator. Leisure and Luxury have combined to give you the smoothest and most silent ride of this generation. Become enchanted in a three-row SUV that heightens your sixth sense, making it feel as though you were in flight. Embedded in a luxurious metallic body, a weightless and airy interior awaits. Be enclosed in comfort and delighted by detail in the new Lincoln Aviator.

What’s New?

Lincoln Design Director David Woodhouse provided the vision behind the Aviator and how every feature is true to its name. “’In Aviator, the lines of the vehicle are streamlined. You have the stature and presence of the grille at the front, then the body and tail taper off – creating a distinct aerofoil analogy.’”

It’s true. Long horizontal lines rule the dashboard, evoking the allusion of a calm horizon. But that is only the beginning of the Aviator’s sophistication. Imagine a bundle of digital functions and floating infotainment display on top of the center console. And not only that, Lincoln’s signature 30-way adjustable massaging seats inhabit the front row and compassionately provide abundant leg room for the seats behind.

Buddy System

Perhaps one of its most desirable features is the built in-companion. Like other Lincoln models, the Aviator will include the Co-Pilot360 safety system, which features automatic emergency brakes, lane keeping assist and other driver aids. However, the Aviator will be the first Lincoln with a front-view camera that continuously examines the road for bumps and adjusts your car suspension accordingly. Prowling potholes will no longer come as a surprise.

No Fob? No Prob

Another Aviator attribute is the keyless entry, but not the standard keyless entry you remember. Now, if you forgot your key fob, you’ll be able to unlock and start your car with Lincoln’s Phone app. The app also provides text services that grant valets a temporary key code. And if your phone dies, a backup system is installed, which allows you use the keypad on the door to enter the vehicle.

Life moves fast. So get a car that understands the luxury of time. Coming soon at Apple Autos.