The Cutting Edge: 2019 Edge Makes Serious Statement in Technology and Style

The most coveted mid-size SUV of its time keeps giving us more reasons to swoon over it. Ladies and gentleman, the talent has arrived. The 2019 Ford Edge may not seem like the biggest breakthrough in the automotive industry, but considering Ford’s recent announcement to discontinue the majority of its compact cars, the Edge has something to say.

Lights, Camera, Acceleration

Four trim levels and two engine options await. First the familiar 2.0-liter turbo four, which will be used for all trim levels except the ST. Added to the standard is 5 additional horsepower, giving the Edge a total of 250 horsepower plus 275 lb-ft of torque.

The ST on the other hand will claim 2.7-liter Ecoboost V6, 355 horsepower, and 380 lb-ft torque. Think the ST couldn’t get any cooler? Think again. Because with eight-speed and lower final drive, the ST’s acceleration has been boosted to a tested 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds—which is really fast for mid-size SUV’s by the way.

The Sound of Silence and Satisfaction of Saving

Edge owners had previously commented on the subtlety of the 2018 Edge–suggesting it was a little too quiet, raising safety concerns. Well, Ford heard their cries and implemented a new Engine Response system that allows drivers to hear the (moderate) roar of the engine and be able to feel the road better. In addition to the twin-scroll turbocharger responsiveness, the new standard of smooth and quiet begins with three new installations:

New Auto Start-Stop helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions in city driving by automatically shutting off the engine when at a complete stop.

New Active Transmission Warm-up quickly raises transmission fluid to an optimal temperature range, avoiding the greater friction and viscosity of cold fluid.

New AWD disconnect disengages rear section of the driveline to help reduce drag, but can instantly reconnect when full traction is required.

More Style More Safety

Edge ST

Edge SEL

Edge SE

Whether you’re into classic convenience or all the bells and whistles, each of the ’19 Edges are designed for you to win no matter what. Even the base SE comes with upgrades on its standard equipment. For instance, LED headlights, wi-fi hotspot capability, a FordPass app [embedded link], and Ford’s Co-Pilot360 safety package.

What do those features include? Take a Deep Breath…

– Automatic high-beam adjustment

– Perimeter cameras

– Blind spot warning

– Lane-keeping assist

– Post-collision braking & pre-collision assist

– Pedestrian detection

– Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking

– Adaptive cruise control

– Evasive steering assist

Talk about a co-pilot. The Edge is a total braniac designed to keep you and your loved ones safe no matter what. All it requires of you is to simply show up. Now available at Apple Autos.